Dr Rossillon - Interview

What is required to be "successful" at surgery, Dr. Rossillon?

Dr Rossillon certified Plastic Surgeon

Expertise and experience permits us to determine which technique best matches the patient's wishes and to perform it safely with the best quality care.

We offer the human and technical support which is essential for enabling the patient to rest assured he is in the best of hands. This is how to make it a positive experience.

"Being operated on by a board certified Plastic Surgeon is a guarantee of safety and patient satisfaction."

Thirdly, we regard the aftercare of each patients as being of primary importance: it is therefore provided completely free of charge and on an unlimited basis in the first year following surgery. In addition, in the event of urgent problems, patients can contact us 24 hours per day.
Finally, as members of the most reputed international association in Cosmetic Surgery (ISAPS) we attend all the professional training courses in Europe and the USA required to remain a leader in our field of specialisation and to practise new techniques that are continuously evolving.

Cosmetic Surgery is not reimbursable under any insurance policy. It must therefore be fully paid by the patient, and it is expensive. Our prices are among the lowest in Europe and the USA, although we offer one of the best services. We are classified amongst the top 5 in terms of price quality in Europe."

Rossillon Certified Plastic Surgeon

Doug Rossillon MD, Certified Plastic Surgeon
Cosmetic and Recontructive Surgeon



International Cosmetic Surgery Center



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